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Some issues I had with Hamlet

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Hi, I would like to report some issues (not bugs) I had with the Hamlet DLC

1- Pogs close to the spawn

I decided to play as a Webber, thinking "What could possibly go wrong?". Well, ended up spawning literally near 4 pogs, and they rekt me. Something that can be changed is making Pogs spawn, slightly farther from spawn

2- Thief outside the shop

While I was playing as Maxwell, I simply went to a shop, looking for something to buy. In the exact second I left, a Thief attacked and killed me. He was literally standing at the door, so I couldn't dodge his attack. I wasn't wearing any armor and had low HP left, so it simply killed me in one hit. If it had a mechanic that it would wait, FAR from the shop, I would be thankful.

3- Mant walking on water

This is a actual bug. I was walking around as Wilson, and I found this: 3 Mants were walking on water. I assume it's because the Mant hill was close to the lake, and when they left, they spawned there. They couldn't get to me, so I was just laughing at them... till they killed me when I thought I could kill them 1 by 1 (yup, I'm horrible at fighting)

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