Regarding the new leaderboard, and an apology to the devs.

Day One Webber

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1 hour ago, andluism said:

If a student doesn't want to be lesser than the other person that he/she knows are cheating by cheating him/herself, IMO there is something wrong about that student's value.

Please don't use that moral kidnapping stuff.

Frankly, we don't really care about the leaderboard. We care about the limits. To do what we can do and let others to judge. If you still thought it was us made a start to use rapid-fire scripts or mods whatever they were, just thought so. We can't change your mind of suspecting on us just like you can't change our mind to pursue on speed. 

The truth is 99% of the teams can't reach 9:22 on 3rd leaderboard even by taken advantage of the rapid-fire stuff.

What more can I say? Just play more. 

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