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Fast Crafting Station For Mad Scientist Lab || Hallowed Nights

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About a week left for the event, but oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


I hit CAPS LOCKS followed by ENTER to quick craft and WASD is to scroll via keyboard. You can use your mouse, but I found that using the keyboard gave me a consistent and reliable speed. 
How to build - 1:50.

You can craft about 5 potions at a time if you're standing in the center of the 6-potion station. This makes it easier to mass craft potions imo. You can't make potions without the proper sanity requirement, so I used a sanity station and some cactus to speed up that process. 

The reason you can't/shouldn't make six potions at once is b/c if all the stations are being used, the potion crafting tab goes away, making it so that you have to scroll your way down to the tab, thus reducing the speed. That's what the sixth unused station is used for in any particular crafting iteration; as an available crafting station.

I used the geometric placement mod to make things easier on myself. The settings I used was "Show Nearest Tile" to On and "Grid Size:Fine" to 4 so that I can tell where the center of a tile is.

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