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My new save is unbearable laggy when the season switches

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everything is ok until the season switch to lush and the game is unbearably laggy, fps drops to like 10 or something.

My PC configuration is the best you can get right now for single GPU build. How is it possible?

Btw the content is severely lacking as you claim this one has more content than other dlc while it is like half of RoG and 1/3 of shipwreck


Already restart pc and reinstall DS. Also try the DS performance mod and it did not help either.

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  • Developer

Does this lag persist after quitting to the main menu and reloading the world?

If so, please go to Options in the Main Menu and then "Report Bug". Mention performance in Lush season in the comment box and submit. It should upload your savegame for us to look at.

Thanks :)

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