Germophobe Base


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So you think you can run a clean base?  Let's put this to the test.

The Germophobe Base is a base that unfortunately never discovered the apothecary.  You must play on fatalistic and you can not use vitamin chews.  But your people love mushrooms and want to eat as many as possible.


  • Less than 1/8 of your dupes are allowed to be germ resistant, rounding up.  (3 dupes can have 1, but you have to have 9 to get a second.)
  • Your primary food source by some reasonable point (cycle 50 for example) must be mushrooms or grilled mushrooms.  You can use higher level foods, but the bulk of your food consumption should be mushrooms.
  • You lose if a dupe gets sick due to germs or if immunity hits 0% on anyone.  Also, no deaths.
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