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Automated Air Storage Compressor

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Hi all!

I had a brief mosey about looking for automated air compressors, using automated powered doors to force air into a smaller space, and couldn't find any immediately. I have seen some before looking at guides to interesting contraptions as I've played the game, but no proper images of the automation itself.

This is the result of some testing and is my most efficient method, both in speed of drawing the gas through the system, and size of the automation block. However there is a very small chance that some gas can escape back through (I think because of some lag with timings? I havent been able to catch the exact moment but its annoying & infrequent)

Timings and gates reading left to right, top to bottom are: Not Gate, Buffer Gate 8 seconds, Filter Gate 4 seconds; new row Buffer Gate 4 seconds, Filter Gate 4 seconds; new row Filter Gate 4 seconds, Buffer Gate 8 seconds, Filter Gate 4 seconds.
N    B8   F4
       B4   F4
F4   B8   F4

This method allows you store to several tons of gas in a very small area. I would recommend utilizing a 2x2 storage area so that A: you can have a large gas pump and not fear a plastic pump melting, and B: I saw some gas destruction in a 1x2 area when gases were mixing, but in a 2x2 area one tile can be 100mg of CO2 and the other three can hold 150kg of oxygen without any of the oxygen getting accidentally destroyed and without any of my bitter bitter tears messing up the keyboard.

Good luck!

ps I don't know how to input images here, but hopefully the gif plays?


long airlock Improved.gif

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this is very compact but if you have 1000+kg/tile compressed the hiccups with lag will result in a not so small amount of gas escaping back. If you make a small change and be less greedy about the efficiency (tbh you can always use the same automation with twin doors to double the amount compressed / cycle) you can make this hiccup go away.

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I have just tested doubling up the doors and that destroys the air.

If you want to be certain no air seeps back the gif below is what I'm currently using in my survival mode.In hindsight I realise its probably more compact, and I haven't had any issues of the vents overpressurising.

mb. Its just it feels clunky, and the method detailed previously can be used to usher gases along corridors, as the back and front doors can be in sync.

actually you probably meant having a longer corridor of doors, rather than the same pattern but moving two neighbouring doors at a time.

quick aircomp in use.gif

theres currently 3kg of gas in the right chamber and 6000kg in the left chamber, which shows theres no blowback. Though in testing I have found blowback when the doors are powered.

Also the timings on that one havent been messed with, because I didnt realise I could do that when I first made it...

.... and now I've messed with the timings I'm experiencing flowback

Also Also I absolutely love the reply merging feature on here. fantastic idea A++

The first door automation is more of an air pusher, rather than air containment, developed to maximise steam engine pressure equalisation. I havent found the gas displacement method with hydrogen reliable.

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