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New DS Funko Pops, Where are the best prices?

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Hello! WIth the upcoming "Don't Starve Funko Pops" featuring Wilson, Willow, Wendy, and Webber, I did some research. I went to every website to see which had the best prices. Here it is!

Amazon: $16-$17 

Big Apple Collectables: $8.99 (Each)
EB: I believe it counts on your area, not sure with that website.
Entertainment Earth: $10.99 (Each)

Game Stop: $11.99 (Each)
Play & Collect: $10.58 (Each)

Pop In A Box: $9.99 (Each)
Toywiz: $9.99 (Each)

In conclusion, I would recommend shopping for your new Funko Pops at Big Apple Collectables, Pop In A Box, or Toywiz.
Hope I could help, I am a fan of Funko Pops myself, so I'll be grabbing these for sure.

Also, I posted this is DST as well, Since I think it kind of applies to both. Dont-Starve-Pop-580x290.jpg.349135ce2f16f682301afb7fae0cded6.jpg

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