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I super love the Forge, originally beta'd season 1 last year. Very pleased with season 2 besides the lack of "vote to kick" feature-- but that's not what this post is about. I would like to formally request a profile icon to be added in the next event/update or however it could be worked in. I think it's super fun that SOME trinkets are profile icons. But my ABSOLUTE favorite trinket, the one I always hope for and grave-dig for, the BROKEN TEACUP is not a profile icon, sadly. 


That's it. Just the one profile icon, the broken teacup. It sums up so many of my adventures, and several of the backstories for the characters. A taunting reminder of the lives they were yanked from, something beautiful to gaze upon amidst all the despair. Tormenting to think about the luxury of tea when running to escape Charlie and her minions. Seriously, I love that trinket. Please make it into a profile icon! 

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