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Don't Starve Dlc in Don't Starve together. Don't starve together Events.

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I've been asking some people from the community about the don't starve dlc and don't starve together people would say that they would love this type of update if it were even implemented.

Dear Klei(if you are reading this), I believe adding don't starve dlc shipwreck, hamlet and etc.(in case you will be adding more.) would add more content and people buying the dlc more. Let's say people who bought dlc are the only ones who would able to make/join a dlc world. Instead of other people trying to add mods to get the codes of the dlc game, I believe the last ship wreck mod was deleted by you, implementing this would not just give content but also people joining Don't starve/together community.

Don't Starve Together Special Event's have an amazing effect to the community, still people are not satisfied to the fact that you can only do this in certain time of the month literally. People are dying to see new content of your game some of them even think some characters needs a rework. In my opinion, Klei should add the recipe of food and mechanics from Gorge to Don't Starve together and Forge event weapons skill with durability. 

That's all,
Thank you for reading

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