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New Generation of Players

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It's good to see interest continuing in this amazing game, lately I've rejoined public servers and was surprised by the number of new players.    The odd game here or there has some tired veterans but many are populated with low/medium experience players.

I hope this company keeps this particular game going (dream is SW together, omg).    The way the characters move, the artwork and the sense of accomplishment make it very interesting, sometimes I just pause and sit on a shoreline looking at nighttime reflecting.    Not a huge fan of the Forge battlefield, too much like thousands of other games though it does attract some.


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The game has a good playerbase indeed imo. Lots of people even rejoin on the main events like Forge.I dont play it all the time but we always get back to playing it from time to time and certainly on the events.
Its true we all want SW Together and now even Hamlet :D but fact is the chances form them comming to together are kind of low, but it would be awesome!

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