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DST Dedicated Server looking for players! No mods!

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Hello, my dear starvers!
We are currently 2 players (UTC +2) looking for a long term (gaming) relationship with other players. We might post videos on youtube if everything works out fine.

History: We survived 1000k+ days on a private server and decided it's more fun to play the game as a bunch. We have (on that private server) 4 flingos, defeated Bee Queen, Klaus, Bearger, Antlion countless of times. The only boss that we couldn't beat was Ancient Fuelweaver (we didn't try to tackle Toadstool).

And so we decided for a fresh start on a dedicated server, so we won't depend on each other's schedule with server hosting.

The server: does not use any server mods, and it's on default settings for both Forest and Caves. It is also a survival server, meaning you won't be able to resurrect from the Florid Postern and when you are a ghost you will drain other player's sanity.
(includes a Reed Trap set piece)

Communication: Can be done either with voice or in-game, writing. The voice platform will be choosen to fit everyone's needs. At the moment there is a discord group for the server.

For the players: Any player is welcomed to apply: whether you are just starting out your neverforgetting starving experience or you are an experienced veteran. Only VETERAN Players requested!
You just have to fill the below mentioned form, answer correctly to the test and pass the interview. Feel free to add me on steam, but you won't be able to join the server until you do the above mentioned things. ;)

If you would like a place in our team, please fill in the next form (copy-paste it to your reply):

My favorite character to play with is:
I also like playing (character):
In DST, I like to (do):
I can kite (enumeration):
Reasons why I would like to play on your server:
Other things about me:

Come on now, don't be shy.

This is copy-paste from the steam forums. I am the original poster. My account if you want to add me.

Currently the world is at 1000+ days, I think we are getting close to 1.1k days. Just defeated Shadow Pieces solo, with some bunnies, which was pretty hard.

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