It's All About Having FUN~! XD


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ah it's just meaningless mumbling.... I don't know how to do those "hidden content" stuff (can someone show me how?QAQ)


Well it all started as I got sick of grumpy(toxic) gamers who get mad and start blaming others whenever the team lose. Especially after the present of the Rinos which made everything uncertain now (since they have to be killed at almost exactly the same time which means 0.1s delay and one dies AFTER reviving his bro with quite an amount of health bringing your team back to the same stage over and over and over again:angel: ... until they start charging all over the arena ). I don't know but I found the victory now depending more on a bit of luck than pure technic and knowledge, even the all-skilled team can easily go wrong. Eventually(after a taste of several victories_(┐ ◟ᐕ)¬_) I changed my mindset and just wanna have fun and enjoy the game instead of chasing after the victory.

So I stop entering servers aiming at the Victory (the rhinos to be precise) and joined some random room with new players like lv3 or lv10. ...but as you can probably imagine, seeing Wes carrying the healing staff with a helmet on her head while we already got a Wickerbottom who's every single petrification being smashed by Wolfgang's aoe is also painful. Besides those rooms can't even reach the scorpions, not to mention Wendy throwing meteor and fire balls at my Boarilla while the rest of the team doing whatever it was with the OTHER one.


But there are rooms like "just having fun", "??+, all random, just for amusement", so I joined one when i saw it:congratulatory: .(lv30+ all random)

Everyone is skilled(know what to do, what to take) and enjoying themselves without caring too much about the outcome, we were like amused(mostly by the random results) and laughing all the time and really had a fantastic time together

(Well i started out just looking for fun in the game so i really didn't see this coming, hhhhhhhh)


(it was like 11:40p.m. and we were saying goodbye and good night which is rarely seen in random matches)




(lv30+, all random characters)


So that's what we got for the first round, surprisingly we got every sort of characters needed (healer, reviver, tanks and runner, the other Wilson carried the fire staff, it's like almost perfect for a all-random team:congratulatory:


even if we didn't have books, the viking spears can paralyse the snortoises

um it was a defeat so i'm not gonna show you the scene of us lying all over the place╭(╯^╰)╮hum




And here comes round two(☆゚∀゚)╯



Good news: Now we got books(☆゚∀゚) two of them!

Bad news: No Tank :_)

(2 wilson 2willow 2wickerbottom)


I don't know of them but i literally burst into laughter seeing the Poor Bernes bravely taking the burden of being the tanks of the teamXDXDXD



Tank Wilson with Crystal Hearthsfire and Runner Willow with Molten Darts, yep that only happens on an all-random XD

(Seriously later I looked over the arena and can't even find one single melee, just darts all over the ground, pu XD)



miracle didn't play XD, but like said before: It's all about having fun~! XD




Here goes round 3 >v<!!! (Pugma: What have we here? team:yeah let's see! Pugma:?)


It's a hard glance to see through(since we don't regularly have Wendy or Webber or Wes), but i got my viking spear!! rua!!!

I even took the rose suit at the wardrobe XD


.....and the next thing i knew was the game crushing.. ah daily forge crushing (134/300)....

~i can get used to it(no i can't, not that i don't appreciate klei but pls fix it QAQ)


Well the thing is, we got no revivor, so eventually everyone was at low health and defeated_(┐ ◟ᐕ)¬_

And the more we played it, the more addicted we were to the all-random XD (it's so fun)



And here comes the most ridiculously amazing run of the night


Yep now we got a revivor


AND 3 books (if u noticed we literally got no book user last round)

Wilson, Willow, Woody, Wickerbottom and 2Maxwell


We had a little discuss about who will be the tank, then the other Maxy astonishingly found that he can't use any darts or crystal or other weapons. I recall once seeing people teasing about noobs in the game suggesting playing Maxwell as the tank, well we (probably) the first who seriously taking it into consideration are telling u this: Maxwell can't be the tank, technically (wink


So one of us only got to read the books through the whole processing_(┐ ◟ᐕ)¬_


It's sorta cute, really, seeing Max with 4 books at feet


However, to our greatest surpise we won!_(┐ ◟ᐕ)¬_ really amazing, all of us, hhhhhhhhhhhhhh




So we went for a final round of the night:congratulatory:


ok nothing Too ridiculous about the random result (by comparison)


What amazed me is that....does Wickerbottom really do THIS much damage with a firestaff????? It's almost twice the dmg that Willow the firestarter girl does(as i can recall). Holy...



Aaaand that's it, the end of the night. It has really been a great time, we were having fun, no one got grumpy or stressed on whether it's a defeat or victory and things eventually turned up amazing ;D





Sooo, yeah, just relax and have fun, after all it's what (or at least originally) we seek in a game




...Unless you're one of those who take it reeeeeally seriously and have regular team aiming for the 10mins time record on the top team list. In that case, wish u for the best ~(☆゚∀゚)


(but pls don't get grumpy on a public server, pls



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