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Gas Mask

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This item is practically useless in the pollen season. Initially it was well needed, but not now. First the idea of Pollen season is to lower the sanity, disrupt the player dropping the items and giving a small stun (hinders the fight). 

1. Is able to stop the crisis of rhinitis:
In the closed beta was easily cauterado, then received a buff, fair, but now needs a slight nerf.
Solution: To use the hat, don't take that long for the pollen out.

2. Fall of sanity
The hat should remove the difficulty of sanity, so is not useful since it drains the sanity, how without him to sanity is drained.
Solution: Remove or lessen the penalty of sanity

3. Duration
Be exposed to pollen causes the player to have crises, so the logic would be the use of the hat most of the time, but the problem is just too fast.
Solution: Increase the time duration

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