My experience with don’t starve

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Icydragon10    0

Hi it’s icy. Lemme tell you some quick facts about don’t starve. Charlie/the night monster doesn’t attack on a full moon. You can bring pigs, Chester, Glommer, and tame spiders into the caves. You can also bring rock lobsters, bunnymen, and tame cave spiders out. I’ve created the old bell thrice, out of luck. Many times i had to deal with a fatal error message for a world, it was ANNOYING!! Including today. I’ve never defeated the ancient guardian tho.. also I’ve defeated the moosegoose twice. Welp, that’s all i got for today, Icy out.:wilson_camera:

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Binary001    1

You've done all that on a mobile device? Phone or tablet? What's the make/model?

I'm tempted to buy the mobile version (it will be the 4th time I've bought this damn game) but I keep hearing so many horror stories about the Pocket Edition. I really don't think I'd have many of the issues that I hear about since my daily driver is a Galaxy Note 9.

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