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Unexpected symbol error mod crash

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Hello, I accidently made the previous thread in DS single player section.  I created my own basic mod with basic tweaks but I cant make it work. Can anyone advices me on how can I make it work?

Here are the mod folder and .log files. I'm sure it's easily solveable but I couldnt figure out how can I make it work.





Kendi Modum.rar


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I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to do in line 5 and downwards in your modmain. I mean, I'm not the grandmaster of lua, but that doesn't look like any lua I've seen before. Just variables being set to values, but comma-separated. It looks like something that should be enclosed in a list/array.

It looks like you just copied a section of the Tuning variables in there. You can't just do that. Each one needs its own line, with no comma at the end.




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