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Good exchange rate for SW doubloons ---> oincs plz.

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Like the title. I think it would be really cool if the mayor, academy curator, or any of the rich/scholarly pigs in town offered a pretty good exchange rate for the doubloons from Shipwrecked seeing as how they're interesting exotic money. One of my favorite things to do in Shipwrecked is to go around hunting for treasure, and amassing a huge piggyback full of doubloons and gems and take them back to my home in RoG (it never works out that way, but still, it's fun to pretend I can do it.) It would be nice to get rewarded for this behavior.

 I haven't actually given the mayor any gold (I need it so much) so I don't know what the going rate for selling a gold nugget is, but preferably I shouldn't have to just craft my doubloons into gold nuggets to hand to the mayor or save space, that's slightly disappointing. <3 u Klei, thanks for Hamlet.

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Also, I think berries ---> oincs is pretty OP. You can just go to the gardening store, buy a bush for 2 oincs, and it's a berry generator that will keep making 4 oinc berries. That or you can just jack all the berries from a berry farm and make a killing, literally (probably gonna have to kill the guard lol.) Maybe reduce to 3 or 2 per berry plz.

I don't want to be rolling in oincs, I would like it balanced relative to effort. And carrying doubloons all the way from Shipwrecked should have a payoff.

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