Multiplayer Oriented Character Abilities

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There is very little reason for most characters to ever interact with each other besides trading items. It’s hard to enjoy playing DS with friends when most of the time there is no reason to even be exploring together. New abilities that encourage player interaction and god forbid communication would definitely make the multiplayer aspect much more interesting.

Wilson: Social Science

Every recipe (including special recipes) that has been unlocked by Wilson can be crafted by nearby players in a similar manner to the pseudoscience station.

Willow: Friendly Fire

Bernie just being buffed with considerably more health and the ability for Willow to light fires on the ground with her lighter that players and herself can cook on.

Wolfgang: Strongman’s Presence

Everyone around Wolfgang has a portion of their sanity drain nullified by Wolfgang’s presence. Wolfgang however loses sanity based on the amount of players losing sanity (just from monsters) capping at some point so that it does not get ridiculous.

Wendy: Endorcism

Wendy can have Abigail “possess” another player besides herself and buff them for as long as they wish at the cost of constant sanity drain for Wendy.

WX-78: Second Stomach

WX-78 can craft a second stomach which can be given to another player. The stomach allows WX-78’s allies to feed him from a distance.

Wickerbottom: Survival Teacher

Wickerbottom can be used as a science machine by other players. (Does not included opening presents)

Woodie: Canadian Kindness

Players around Woodie gain extra sanity from all sources. (Couldn’t think of anything better)

Wes: ...

Wes can attract the attention of all nightmare monsters attacking another insane player.

Maxwell: Night Knight

Maxwell can give control of his shadow clones to other players for a limited time.

Wigfrid: Valkyrie

Wigfrid buffs the damage of other players every couple of swings like in the Forge.

Webber: We Work Together

Players around Webber don’t gain aggro from spiders

Winona: Work Ethic

Everyone around Winona does everything slightly faster.



If you have another idea for a multiplayer oriented ability please do share.

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