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All my Hamlet feedback and love in one place

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Not to create separate threads for whatever I find, I'll just post here as I go :)


First impression: Love the snarky chameleon. Can he be my friend?


First death: apparently walked into a poison field in the middle of the night. Having eaten a fat poisonous plant beforehand, I did not realize the air poison was, well, an additional one. Not in time anyway. Did not walk out.


Other impressions:

- The colors are looking super pretty. I already want to dig out the turfs and build mosaical base out of them.

- Basic mods might just be compatible (tested with Backpack/Amulet slot, combined status only fails at seasons [understandable], Geometric Placement)

- The pig spoken lines are fun!

- Pogs are super cute. I don't know what they do when they follow you, but just the cuteness is enough to make me starve after giving them my food (but starve in cute company!)

- I should've gnat been so curious...

- The birds are beautiful :) The Strange Bird Stand mod is all the more vital!

- The small chores you can do in Hamlet are quite neat, I mean, we've been collecting poop for ages for free, don't mind getting paid for it ;) Clipping hedges is a neat one too.

- I am a bit concerned about the location of the player house being decided randomly upon world generation - it'd be nice if we could move it maybe? Or if it always generated in some close-to-everywhere place at least? Having generated a good few maps, most of the time the house really stands in the ass of the world, making it awfully inefficient to haul things in there after every foray.

- I really like the dense biomes, makes them seem full of things to do and just generally, idk, whole and complete.

- The puns. I NEED EVEN MORE PUNS! And anagrams! And all other wordplay! Love the oincs.



- Skyworthy's description doesn't fully show. "Hop on board. What could go" is all it says. Is that intended?

- Not sold on the jungle music turning on and off so fast and resetting the second I step foot outside of it, I like the music itself so unsure how I'd solve this though, perhaps simply letting it continue from the note it left on would do - let's say on a timer of even 1 minute or whatnot. After that reset it to the start.

- Got a random crash leaving a random store that worked before, guess that's EA life

- [apparently it's just my game, I saw a streamer have these displayed so disregard] I can't seem to inspect items in the stores? Am I missing something? I mean, I know what the old items are for, but the scroll and the thingie in the city hall, for instance, I couldn't check. It would be nice for newer players to be told what they're buying too.

- Dung beetles are adorable. Would be nice if they didn't destroy the dung piles when re-making their balls forcing me to kill them when they're defenseless on the ground :( That breaks my heart.


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All right, after 56 days (kinda went into the ruins without a backup torch and no grass, wheops):

1. stealing makes the game trivial and is in itself really easy to get away with

2. no matter what some folks say, I still do not like pig guards fighting with torches mid-town

3. the town could be packed together a bit more, or maybe have some additional decorations, it looks quite empty compared to other biomes

4. contrary to some complaints, I do like the denseness of biomes, but I wouldn't mind at all if they were bigger and perhaps encouraged water-travel more

5. please guarantee the Slanty Shanty to be on the edge of town close to the other biomes, it's still the first house anyone gets and having it spawn at the other end of the map is just a hassle

6. I would really love to see the house upgrades have effects beyond cosmetic - they could easily cost much more if they were giving some additional boni to stress relief or any such. Starting from an actual ruin would also give a neat sense of accomplishment. Upgrades could also add new rooms (and a basement possibly?!) which would be grand.

7. working bed, puh-lease! Just imagining the tired character being able to lie down for the night under comfy covers, in the cozy home makes me feel good

8. allow players to use say 10 poop to build a dung pile and spawn dung beetles from it - more agency in shaping the world is super cool!

9. let us transplant alllll the turfs! Well, jungle is extra-specific, so I don't know about code, but others could be fine?

10. prevent non-player-induced extinction of various animal species. If someone chooses to eradicate this or that, by all means, let them, but active ways of managing and preserving the ecosystem would be really welcome - craftable spawn points could solve pretty much all of these issues. The aforementioned dung pile, perhaps build a thunderbird nest using iron, silk-up a tree to lure spider monkeys etc. Just to open doors for even more creativity :)

11. not sure I like the shorter seasons - they make the game feel a bit more rushful? And also, math. Gross. Would much prefer seasons changed every 15 days so I'm not wondering what day this one is gonna end on. Multitudes of 12 blend together easier :p

12. I would also really like to see pigs talk to one another a little bit, give the city more life and feeling so they don't feel just like trading posts

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