A (limited time) mountable animal

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Here is my [first & maybe not last :)] suggestion for this masterpiece of a game:

I would love to see a neutral animal, which you could ride for a certain time.

Some thoughts about this animal:

- it should be very anxious, and you have only the chance to ride it if you feed it with some kind of food it likes (maybe a special crock pot recipe, so you can't mount the animal from the very beginning)

- the animal throws the rider off as soon it sees another animal that scares it (spiders, beefalo, tallbird) and runs back to its home; the same thing should happen when the night starts

- like this you could travel faster, but for sure you couldn't harvest anything during the ride

- later you could build some sort of stable, so that the animal always runs back to your home

- maybe it would be good if you could only mount the animal if you have built a saddle before (made of pig skin and ropes)

Which animal could this be?

I think a horse would be rather boring. To my mind comes an Alpaca-, Llama- or Camel-like animal.

What do you think?

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