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  1. The more I'm thinking about Shipwrecked beeing a standalone expansion, the more it makes sense. When I first heard about it, I must admit I was disappointed, most likely because in the first announcement there was no talk about it at all. At this point it was my wish to see a bigger world added to the DS universe, which would make in first place the longterm survival in the base game more interesting and varied. But now I see that there are a lot of balancing and gameplay issues which would make it kind of hard to mix the worlds together. Yes, there could be solutions that were already mentioned to put Shipwrecked into the vanilla game, but I'm quite unsure if they will lead to a better game experience. Moreover we don't know all the new features yet, so there could be more content that doesn't fit in the old world. For example new characters: Let's say they are planning to add Wilbur the monkey to the game, who will have some kind of bonuses regarding the new island monkeys. This character would be more or less useless in the old map. Furtermore the already revealed character Woodlegs will most likely have some pirate abbilities / bonuses (sailing?,treasures?...) which can't be used in vanilla DS. One of the biggest problems will remain the water, I guess. If they don't change the old water into beeing compatible with ships and boats the only solution seems to be a portal to the new world. But it doesn't seems that elegant when your heading back to the old world, being able to build a boat and the character says: "I'm not able to set sail here because ...(whatever)..." If I understood it correctly there will be new (stormy) seasons in Shipwrecked and the old seasons will not be featured in the expansion. So for example you would be able to flee the winter and head to the tropical island for that season. This sounds a bit boring to me. A solution could be that the portal is frozen in winter, so you can't use it. Smart solution? Another problem which I already talked about are the followers. What's with Chester? He can't swim and I guess it will be technical hard to implant when you are entering a boat that he still follows. These are just some of the gameplay issues I see if you mix the worlds and I'm pretty sure there will be many more (for example the giants)... All in all I think we can be very happy that we will get new single player content and if it's standalone content it's still way better then none (which I was thinking we would get two month ago). So lets keep calm and wait for more details from Klei and Capy, because I'm pretty sure that they are giving the best they can to make Shipwrecked as good as possible. Besides that I still hope we will get any of the not "multiplayer only" content from DST at some point for the singleplayer DS (better walls, Lavae Egg, mountable Beefalos...) which would be very very cool.
  2. As I mentioned in the ' Bugs and Technical Issues ' section I have the same problem. The game doesn't start anymore ... the screen stays black and the game immediately goes back to Windows. I don't understand that this thread says that the last version is 100795, while my not working version says that I now have 102372 (there aren't even patch notes for this version?). Besides, after the latest update I was asked the first time to enter the Reign of Giants Key. I purchuased the DLC using Humble widget. The only key I can find there is the Steam Key. So did I entered now a wrong key and because of this the game isn't working anymore?
  3. Here is my [first & maybe not last ] suggestion for this masterpiece of a game: I would love to see a neutral animal, which you could ride for a certain time. Some thoughts about this animal: - it should be very anxious, and you have only the chance to ride it if you feed it with some kind of food it likes (maybe a special crock pot recipe, so you can't mount the animal from the very beginning) - the animal throws the rider off as soon it sees another animal that scares it (spiders, beefalo, tallbird) and runs back to its home; the same thing should happen when the night starts - like this you could travel faster, but for sure you couldn't harvest anything during the ride - later you could build some sort of stable, so that the animal always runs back to your home - maybe it would be good if you could only mount the animal if you have built a saddle before (made of pig skin and ropes) Which animal could this be? I think a horse would be rather boring. To my mind comes an Alpaca-, Llama- or Camel-like animal. What do you think?
  4. I can confirm this. Same here. Also Save-quit-continue works for me.