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TLDR: Lift a feature from Rimworld and let us tell dupes where to drop stuff without having to use compactors

In order to move an item from one place to another, we have to order a storage compactor to be built, wait for a dupe to build the compactor, configure the compactor to accept the right items and be "sweep only" then make sure we don't have any conflicting compactors before ordering the items we want moved to be swept. And if we want these items on the ground we need to turn off and reset the compactor's filters

This process makes basic "inventory management" needlessly fiddly. And makes processes like "drop ice into a water tank" into a logistical nightmare

Suggestion: Let us designate zones that function as storage compactors but are just places where dupes drop items on the ground. placed on a seperate layer from buildings and doesnt require dupe interaction to set up. We can already stock infinite items onto a tile through compactor micromanagment so this is cuts the middleman out of the equation and relegates compactors to a decor managment 

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Personally, I find it ok that storage compactors must first be built in order to store items.

However, what I really don't like is that there is no way to configure the compactor while it is still a blueprint (i.e. not built yet). Right now, you must set the blueprint, wait for it to be built, and hope that you remember to configure it after it has been built. I often forget this, because, by the time it has been built, I will have been distracted by many other things in my base.

In other words, it would be nice to have a "build and forget" feature.

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