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  1. Save File Editor

    Loaded my latest save on the file and the problem didn't reproduce. When I loaded up a fresh save on today's build I got an error that said something about germs. Sadly I can't reproduce anything further than that. If I did find a bug it doesn't seem persistent
  2. Save File Editor

    Looks like the latest Experimental Update broke the editor. Seems like it's linked to the new germs they added
  3. [Game Update] - 322934

    Slime blocks are low mass and low heat capacity. building and melting ice sculptures on slime blocks will get you the same effect as you only have to lower the temp of the slime below 20C for it to die off. I'm not asking to be able to cool the oil biome, I'm asking for more crank time and less running back and forth by allowing dupes to carry more ice per trip
  4. [Game Update] - 322934

    Further feedback. I'm getting masterwork artwork out before I have a single dupe with any considerable morale needs. I have not had to worry about going over morale requirements at any point so far. Contrast with the previous system where morale was a constant consideration when assigning jobs. Also: Ice-fans are a handy way to melt down loose ice to get cold bottled water, I'm really liking them for chilling slime prior to excavation and for managing early game battery, generator and deoxydizer cooling. However, they'd be a lot more convenient if they could warm up say 200kg of ice at a time rather than 50kg. My dupes spend far more time running ice to the fans than they do cranking them. Would also match the bottle size of emptiers
  5. [Game Update] - 322934

    Seconding support for a starting skill-point. Everyone could be given an entry-level job right out of the gate with the old system. More tuning may be necessary as well for the gain rate, I'm not sure if it should take 100 cycles to make a mechatronics engineer out of a fresh dupe. Also, playing with this patch it feels like a huge nerf item transport considering you can't just train everyone as a gofer anymore.
  6. Playing with the new systems. Given that hatches can just be picked up (via wrangling) I find it odd that we have to use advanced research to be able to move them somewhere. having the dropoff station be starting tech(or bundled with basic farming) would make early game hatch management less of a chore make it so the wrangling skill is relevant from the get go