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Color Blind Options - Specifically Temp Overlay

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I'm fairly color blind. I have some flavor of the Deutan color blindness that messes mainly with my ability to distinguish some hues of reds and greens, but that can also bleed into yellows, reds, and purples.

It doesn't affect my life in almost any way, but some features in some games absolutely wreck me. In this game, it's the temperature overlay. It's utterly useless to me.


To grab a random screenshot from the internet as an example... https://i.imgur.com/apLUyUs.jpg. Temperate through Scorching aren't the same colors to me, but they might as well be. When you put them into practice in the game, if it's not Chilled or colder, or Molten, it's essentially all the same, visually. I have often found myself sending my dupes into too-hot or too-cold areas and not known until they suffer from it.


I can mouse around over the area to see the temps, but I don't really have time for that, and I wish I could actually make use of the overlay. Even when games do make attempts to implement a color scheme for color blind people, they are only ever partially successful. Gradual transitions within the same color are the problem, when you're color blind, and gradual transitions within the same color are what a temperature overlay generally try to convey.

Better solutions divorce from colors entirely. I'd love to get some sort of toggle to add topographical style lines and/or numbers to the overlay in some fashion.


Almost 9% of us are color blind in some capacity. Don't leave us hanging!

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Have you tried using some kind of filter for your computer? I know Windows 10 offers one under its 'ease of access' options, I'm not sure about other operating systems. I'm not able to tell whether this will work or not, but I'd be very interested into some first-hand information.

In case that's not an applicable option: Below is a color universal design which might help for developing an alternative palette. I've used it a couple of months ago, when I wanted to make a figure easily accessible for colorblind and non-colorblind people as well.


(The figure is from  http://jfly.iam.u-tokyo.ac.jp/color/, Fig.16)


7 hours ago, Cog said:

Almost 9% of us are color blind in some capacity. Don't leave us hanging!

That would be 9% of the MALE population. Taking the females into account, this number shrinks quite a bit. It's still a matter to be concerned about, but please be more specific when you spread statistical information.

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