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Don't you like Let's Plays? Their Humor, Their Help, and their... Well.... FUN!Unfaircogaming - Here's a Let's player, you're looking at the first DS Video that i ever watched! When i first seen the video i was kinda weirded out, but now i understand the game and can play it! This series was fun to watch! :D(P.S.: Yes, i know! this thread was created before... I am terribly sorry for being such a thread waster... ;(....)Ahem, now the video:

Now tell me, do you like watching LPs? For fun or for help? :D Edited by RetroGamer2000
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I must spread the word of Mike B, aka Fony! (Youtube channel akamikeb.) Creator of The Pain Randomiser! Not only does he have a long running DS series (up to 50 episodes averaging out at around 35 minutes per episode in sandbox mode) with some its later episodes using The Pain Randomiser, he has also started an Adventure LP as well which is up to episode 4, they are also very lengthy. I would also suggest checking out his other content as well. He isn't just about DS and let me tell you, his content is frequent (often several times a day) and of high quality. Seriously, bro needs more views.Pain Randomiser: note: This is the first episode of his sandbox LP. He did an initial first impressions/review of the game before this. If you'd like to see it you can find it under his "Indie For Breakfast" series.


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My personal favorite is Mike B, aka Fony! Youtube channel akamikeb. He is also the creator of The Pain Randomiser if you are familiar with that; if you aren't, well let's just say its an easy way to make the game very difficult without the use of mods or making up rules (well, you still have to follow the rules of The Pain Randomiser so I guess that last one isn't entirely true). He currently has a long running DS playthrough that is up to 50 episodes in sandbox mode (average video length between 35-40 minutes) and he recently started an adventure playthrough that is currently on episode 4 (same length).I have to say he is my now my favorite youtuber now. The rate at which he uploads content and the fact that it is always of a very high quality (and I don't just mean of the resolution variety :p ) is phenomenal. He has many other long running series as well that are not DS related but I won't go to heavily into those as this is the DS forum. Anyway, below is episode 1 of his DS LP. He did an episode before this on DS but that was his initial review/first impressions video of the game under another series of his, Indie For Breakfast.Also here have a link to The Pain Randomiser. Note that it is a ruthless machine:


I seriously do not believe that this man has enough subscribers for the amount of work he puts into his content.
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