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Is it possible to REMOVE caves from an existing server?

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So, here's a bit of an odd question. Is there any possible way to meddle with files and remove caves from a server? I like the world I'm in right now, and too much effort has gone into it to just want to restart completely.

That said, I love cave exploring, so I've sort of just turned them on without a second thought and accepted the delay, but taking ~5+ minutes to start a server and then being unable to move for a few minutes more when I'm in the game.. is proving to be a bit too annoying now.

Any way to turn the extra cave server off without restarting? I'm thinking no, but I figured I'd ask anyway :P. Thanks in advance!

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Yes, it is possible, though not very easy. You have to edit the saveindex file that sits inside the "<klei save file location>/DoNotStarveTogether/client_save" folder with a text editor.

There you have to find the appropriate part that describes your cave part of your current server and delete it.

Always make backups of all your save stuff before touching anything, just in case something get's messed up and overwires the entire save/etc.

Each cluster starts with the following lines:


      enabled_mods={  },
        clan={ admin=false, id="", only=false },

Then a ton of options follow till you reach the line


Delete the entire block that is contained by the following brackets: {}

It probably helps a lot to create another server that is only an overworld just to compare how it should look like and try out if you manage to get it right.

Afterwards check ingame if it worked.

Good Luck!

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Thanks so much for the advice! I gave it a try, and it looks like it DOES remove caves as "No Caves" is displayed on the server cave tab.. but it also resets the entire server. I guess it needs to have the caves in order to properly read and load everything else. Even tried tinkering with some other settings, but to no avail.

I can survive until I get bored of this server! The game runs at 0-1 ping, it's just that loading times take several minutes and that can be awful if I load the server and hounds decide they want to come while I can't move :D. Thank you anyway, though! I super appreciate the help!

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