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Vuel's suggestions part 3: enhancements that don't affect gameplay

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FLUFF (things to add to game to fix bugs, graphics glitches, and fill in missing items and abilities that have zero actual gameplay effect)

Gas/Liquid reservoir should output with no input pipe connected.

different looks for different materials. E.g., obsidian ladders and tiles should be much darker than sandstone

many different statues, possibly weighted from the stats of the artist. Researcher more like to carve "genius" sculpture, while a courier would carve a running dup or something.

more pictures, maybe of existing dups, dead dups, more still lifes, animals, spaceships, etc. Possibly weighted based on tech level.

fix unreadable tooltips in Jobs assignment screen, especially selecting something at bottom of screen.

dig tool and cancel tool tooltip should show all information of hovering, including temperature. (Currently, dig replaces temp with hardness in tooltip but temperature is important for digging)

outhouses just cleaned do not reset graphic to "empty"


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