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Friendly Koalephants mod

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Heyyy guyz!!!! I just messed around with the behaviour and brains of a koalephant, so they dont run like idiots.. But they will be harder to find, they travel "150" in day, and "60" In the nighttime, although if they see light, they will go towards it and stay there for the night. This mod just makes koalephants a little bit nicer to be around ^.^ :biggrin-new:


Download it right now! RIGHT HERE! RIGHT NOW! OHHYEAHHHHHHH!http://www.mediafire.com/?3g2bubgaadczzejInstructions :ambivalence:1) Local Disk\ProgramFiles\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Dont_Star ve\data\scripts\brains2) Copy the file you downloaded into the brains file, and replace the old koalephents.lua file.3) REMEMBER TO MAKE BACKUPS OR PROF. OAKS GONNA EAT'CHA! :love_heart:
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