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Attempt to concatenate local 'name' (a nil value)

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I'm trying to create a character that transforms into a deerclops, the deerclops part works but every time I try to change the character back to normal I get this error. [string "scripts/entityscript.lua"]:63: attempt to concatenate local 'name' (a nil value)

Here's my code: 

local function becomesmall(inst)
    inst.Large = false
    inst.Transform:SetScale(0.7, 0.7, 0.7)

local function becomelarge(inst)
    inst.Large = true
    inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_loop", true)
    inst.Transform:SetScale(1.2, 1.2, 1.2)


local becomeformtreshold = (30)
local unbecomeformtreshold = (80)
local function sanity_event_listener(inst, data)
    if inst.components.sanity.current <= becomeformtreshold and not inst.large then        
    elseif inst.components.sanity.current >= unbecomeformtreshold and inst.large then        

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Looking at the entityscript.lua, what's happening is that SetStateGraph(name) calls LoadStateGraph(name), and for some reason "name" is nil when it gets to LoadStatGraph(naeme). It's because you call the SetStateGraph function using . (period) instead of : (colon). Your "SGdeerclopsplay" works, because you use the colon there.

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