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Player indicators for friends only!

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Hello fellow modders and DST players,

I hadn't wanted to post this so early to our other posts. But I need a solution for this to help my family find us on our server. Hence i'm deciding to make a revamp of the player indicators portion of the Global Positions mod. This mod will be compatible with or without global positions.

Well, onto the details...


  • These player indicators will function the same as with Global Positions mod, except specifically for friends of your steam account. (Newish!)
  • Player indicators increase/decrease in size as other player moves closer/farther away. (Same as original)
  • Player name will appear when hovering over the indicator. (Same as original)
  • These player indicators will remain on screen permanently. (New)
  • These player indicators will only appear for you and other users on your friends list. (New)
  • These player indicators will only show for friends, with or without Global Positions mod enabled. (New)
  • Mod is compatible with or without Global Positions enabled. (New)

If you have any further questions, feel free to post a message. I'll be posting the file for global positions as well as looking at files later today for analysis.

I'd be extremely grateful for the help as I want to make this function on our server rather than have all users show up. This is also due to I wanting to increase our server size in the near future as well as host it as dedicated server.


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