Can someone help me swap character skins with Wilson's (among a few other things)?


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Hey there, I'm making a character mod (for personal use) that simply replaces Wickerbottom's skin/model with Wilson's. But I can't figure out where his exported models are and also how to well replace the template kitty girl models with his. It's for DST, btw I also need help

adding perks to the character, like:

  • Wickerbottom's books
  •  Wilson's beard.
  • the starting papyrus

Everything else is done, but now that I think about it that doesn't mean a lot. Any help is appreciated.

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You can replace Wickerbottom's base skin with Wilson's base skin, but replacing Wickerbottom with one of Wilson's unlockable skins (Formal, Shadow, Forge, etc) is against the rules, I think. (Just like how creating skins for canon characters is not allowed)

As for replacing her image, I've only seen it pulled off by duplicating the wickerbottom_none.lua file and changing her base_prefab and skin and whatnot to Wilson. This however, is frowned upon in making mods. Overriding entire files makes it less likely to be compatible.

No need to define the prefab either if you're just overriding the wickerbottom_none file. Good luck.

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