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Looking for programmer and artist I can commission to make a new character

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I would like to commission a new character. I tried modding Don't Starve once but I couldn't wrap my head around it and even following tutorials I kept getting stuck at certain points, so what I'm looking for is a programmer who can make the mod and an artist who can make the necessary art for said mod. I would like to work out prices over PM, and there's no specific deadline for this mod to be made by other than "sometime soon, preferably before the end of the year." 

The mod itself would be for a new character who has their own original stats as well as a unique workstation that allows her to make the only food items she is capable of eating. Basically she would be a character who starts with a scythe that allows her to reap souls of creatures, with the souls being different sizes depending on the creature, and she doesn't go insane as quickly when in the dark but she barely gets any sustenance from most food so she would need to reap these souls and take it to a special workstation in order to create Soul Food. She also would naturally be friendly with certain kinds of creatures, mainly anything that you can befriend normally that is human-like, so the Pigs or Bunnymen for example. There is more to it than just that but I'd like to discuss it further over private messages if anybody is interested. I've asked someone who used to do commissions here if this kind of mod would even be feasible and they said that it would be feasible but I didn't have the money necessary to commission at the time and that person doesn't seem to be working on Don't Starve commissions at the moment. I hope this isn't something that would be too complex. Ideally it'd be something that could work in both the base game and in Don't Starve Together, but it's more important to get it working in the base game first and foremost.


Anyway, yeah, PM me if you are interested and we can talk price points and stuff. :)

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