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Bugs and My Considerations of the Beta

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First thing: I love it! I can't wait for the full game. I know there is plenty of things yet to come, and I'm so hyped.

I played a couple of hours, and here are some bugs and considerations I have:

1 - The hippo beast doesn't fight back the Iron Hulk, I don't know if this is intentional, but it is kinda weird (If i'm not wrong, it was the laser one)

2 - The tiny little bug swarm of the desert followed me infinitely. Like, for the whole map

3 - The recipe for the gold pan using a hammer made no sense to me

4 - The big mouth Iron Hulk who bits from the sky, after it "runs out of batteries" it stops on it's idle animation. If you aproach him, nothing happens, and if you mine him, it goes back to the "ruined" state

5 - Puttin a mole inside my house made it start to walk toward the wall. After a day or two, it settled down

6 - My oppinion: Aspargus and Aloe restore too much hungry/health considering the amount of them that you can find.


If I find anything else, I'll gladly report :D

I created the bugs on the bug thread :D

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