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The society of the Hamlet Pigs


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After playing around and doodling . I figure out what’s is VAULE 

NOTE: This is a early information guide. Not everything is set in stone yet.

Bugs aka Glitchs : only a bit laggy.


Vaule : Barries , Stone, Flint , and etc are very vauleable ! I was confused at first when the pig guard attacked me! But now it all come to sense

pig guards: they are Killable . So figure I have killed the night watch guard. I know very evil of me! But I was very curious. I don’t have much screen shoots to show but I hope 2 of them will do!


how get coins : so far. I figure out the only way to get coins is by trading in BARRIES TO GREEN SHIRT PIG

My thoughts so far:  I feel very excited because this shows pigs aren’t those stupid. I mean “Not as Smart” ( this is a Christian Sever ) as other. From the forge. We figure there’s three race of pigs and very likely many more. Battle Type, Advance, and the Wild and “Not as smart ones”

Overall: I’m very excited for what’s in the future to come. So many ideas as their are many worlds in DST and endless imagination 



Oof. I forgot all about me homework lol. Thanks klei once again. Lovin’ it! 


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