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Dev Here - Offering Mod Development Help

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Looking to assist/contribute to a mod author!

Senior Software Engineer here. Long time full stack web developer, variety of languages and technologies. 6 years development experience at a fortune 500 company.

Just looking to contribute to some mods for this game I love. Not sure if this is an appropriate format to offer mod authors some help, but... here I am! Happy to respond to PM's with contact information. Have ~10 hours a week to commit to DST modding.

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I'm a game developer (my company is working on it's first game), and I'm looking to mod some stuff I thought that could make the game more fun for me and some friends who play together.

Interested in setting up a colab/team?

You can add me in Steam to talk about it, we can do things open-sourced in github and brainstorm what else would be good to have.

Feel free to contact me!

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