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Anti Entropy Too Cold At 90 degrees?!

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Is that a bug? I tried sending Steam in an enclosed room containing an Anti Entropy Nullifier thingy, but even though it's 90 degrees in there it just keeps saying it's too cold. The error message says "the machine is too cold or it's surrounding", so I looked to the right, where it stays cold (why won't it even out with the heat by the way I have no idea) but it's at 2 degrees, so certainly not cold enough to stop the machine. Am I doing something wrong? I couldn't find my problem somewhere else on the forum, and I'm completely out of water T_T

Too cold!.jpg

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Here's the mechanic getting in your way (it's not a bug)

AETN stops working when it gets near the condensation point of any material it's in contact with.

Since your AETN is in contact with water (small bit on the floor there) it stopped. Mop it up, the thing will go again.


Here's the point, AETNs are not for condensing gases or cooling liquids. Only cooling gases.

If you want it to get cold, fill the room with hydrogen and use a liquid radiator to pipe the cooling out.

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