Introduction of a Compost heap

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What I propose is some sort of structure that accelerates the rate at which organic material becomes rot, typically I have a single chest dedicated to holding throw away items that I intend to leave for that purpose, it can just take a damn long time, especially if through absent mindedness add a fresh item to a partial stack and causes its freshness to jump all the way back up to green.My thoughts on it would quite simply be something similar to the ice chest but accelerates the decay by about the same factor that the ice chest slows it down.

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I support the OP's idea, but would also to be great to have a dedicated container to either destroy or remove items from the game. It's getting really tiresome to keep storing Spears, Logsuits and other expendable equipment when it reaches very low durability and there is actually no way to permanently remove them.We need something like a Trash Bin and a Rot Pile. :drunk:

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