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[Request]Allow users to choose if they want touch OR controller input, via menu option.

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Estel    30

Hello Klei,

Would it be possible to allow users choose on their own if they want to play via touchscreen or controller, instead of/in addition to stupid autodetecting Horrors?

Long story:
On some of my devices and controllers combinations, controllers (non-oficially supported) that were working fine before, stopped being detected by game all-together, after the update that aimed to lock-out Android 9 users of controller-only mode.

IMO, requesting per-case fixes is indefinitelly stupid and probably futile, too - while, simplest way would be to allow user toggle a flip in menu to select controller mode, like all sane programs do. Bonus: apart from getting immediate sanity boost, it would allow users to use multitude of devices (including hardware keyboards) that are currently unsupported, just by - trivially - mapping their input to expected controller output events.

As it stands *now*, I can have full xbox controller output events mapped, bu bashing them does nothing, as long as game doesn't decide I am worthy of enabling controller mode (with exactly *same* device - like, keyboard with correct output events mapped - working fine if I connect supported gamepad as placeholder, just to make game GTFO and enable controller input. As silly, as it sounds...)


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