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What do you name your asteroid?

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2 hours ago, Slvrsrfr said:

The names typically are pretty good. The randomizer is pretty good and varied. One problem tho' is it will sometimes come-up with the same name, which leads to overwriting the older file with the new version, which is to be expected. But there is no warning, and no dialog mentioning the possibility that it will over-write an existing file. Which might be a bug, but still WAI.

LC, I cannot for some reason bring myself to play any other version of the game, I'm brain-stuck on Luxury Cosmos. I've nearly not even played the game, except for LC. I'm unable to allow myself to use any other map, or play any other style. It tedious.

I'd make a bug report for this over here, this sounds like something that should be fixed at some point.

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