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Fixed! Character Sprite File won't compile properly

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This is my first post here so I hope I'm doing this right, I've been working on making a mod for DST, and everything was going surprisingly well. I finished creating the character sprite but when I tried compiling and testing ingame, the animation file wasn't formed, and the mod crashes immediately.

I copied the anim character file from the example template extra I had into the animation folder just to see what would happen, and it worked but..

My character was completely invisible.


I've compared my files that I had edited since it last worked (mostly in exported) with the working example template but nothing seems out of place or off. It just won't compile, and i've tried using the auto compiler in Mod Tools, and im not sure if there are any other compiler tools to use.

My Anim file:


(I haven't edited the ghost files yet, so thats still the example character)

and my exported file, for the character sprite


Everything seems to be showing up fine in Spriter, so I really dont know what to do.


Ive already put so much time and effort and hope into this project, I really dont want to have to give up.


Sorry for the lengthy post, Im just. Really desperate.

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6 hours ago, Lumina said:

Did you removed any files ?


Can you copy the original template, then copy your own modification into this copy ? Sometimes it's enough to make it work.

Oh sorry for the late reply, Im not sure how to edit or delete threads, I realised the issue was some missing image files and it works now!

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No need to delete thread :) It's helpful when people with the same issue can find similar topic.
However, you can hide it if you really want it. At the bottom of your first post, you should have options : quote, edit, options (hide).

I would suggest you to just edit the title (with a [Fixed] Character Sprite File won't compile properly for example), but if you really prefer, you can hide it.

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