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DS: PE - Poor performance on Mediatek-based phones

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This might not be something new to KLEI, but after waiting months only to get a statement saying that "Android is Klei's lowest priority", I just want to get this off my chest.

I've got myself a LG K10 2017 (LG-M250), not the Snapdragon one though, it's the Mediatek one with 2GB of RAM and Mali-T860 GPU. Screenshots attached to this thread show some more stuff. I can throw pretty much any game from 2013-2017 and my phone will handle it well. I have Farming Simulator 18, NFS: MW, Demolition Derby, Rush Rally, X-Plane 10, Skate Party 3 running smoothly at the highest settings. Then, when DS:PE featured BT controller support, I finally gave it a try but my happiness was short-lived when I found that, EVEN with the lowest resolution and blurry textures, DS: PE runs terribly on my phone. The game responds correctly to the input of my GameSir G4s, but my character moves slowly, animations are slow and to make matters even worse, I set four trees on fire and that rendered the game in such a poor state I was actually surprised it did not crash/force quit on me.

But I love Don't Starve for what it is and decided to overclock my phone and even considered rooting it. After several weeks brainstorming and asking away at the forums on XDA, I gave up. Too much of a headache over one mobile game.

Then I launched the game once more and started a new world in the winter. Not for the challenge of it, but for the sake of witnessing how badly it could run with snowflakes falling down, penguins jumping out of the water, setting trees on fire and walking around at the same time. If I had a FPS counter, I bet it would float between 1 - 3FPS.

It's a shame to see my favorite survival game doing so poorly on my phone.

I keep on getting updates for my other games every so often. Even EA has updated their Need for Speed: Most Wanted game, a 2-year old mobile game and my other games feature performance fixes for lower-end devices, so I took a screenshot of that, sent it to Keli's twitter in order to encourage them to do the same, but I don't think I'll get anything out of them, other then their silence.






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