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A wild Mod ARTIST appears!

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Hoi i'm Joy!

And i'd like to do artwork for your mods. My main thing is fan art, but DST has rapidly risen to my favorite past time, so i'd like to be even more involved in the game. Examples of my work are below, send me a message if you're interested!

Fishbowl - It might be nice to have a pet! Just add a fish.   Fishbowl - It might be nice to have a pet! Just add a Fish.

tumblr_pfycn4jXmm1xi8jr2o2_250.png  Paper Mache Pony - A little friend to keep the lonliness at bay. +Sanity Aura. Requires Reeds

tumblr_pfycn4jXmm1xi8jr2o3_250.png   YoYo - Whack the monsters, not yourself!. +Damage

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You got a steam account or discord? ^^ I'd love to talk, I'm purely a coder, I've just sat here the last 16 hours scripting a bunch of stuff to see what I like. Im not a veteran just yet but I'm getting the grasp of everything I just about see at the moment.

Still learning a lot about custom mobs, item prefabs and custom animating x.x

Im capable of doing a lot of things, mostly modded characters  - to which I have over a ton of ideas if you'd like to hear.


Discord: Mystery#4878

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198078970590/


edit: Nvm artist doesn't even have a enough time for anything :(

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