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Building upgrades

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It would be nice to have a system for upgrading some buildings so that you could build simpler versions earlier in the tech tree.

A simple example could be the wash bason. Instead of deconstructing and building the sink on top, you could select sink on an upgrade tab and a dup will have the job to swap it. Or just allow the new version to be stamped on top like you can with tiles.

This model could allow for lower versions of higher tech buildings or higher tech versions of low tech.

The upgrade tab could also be used to add one off features to buildings. Coal generator could have an upgrade for exhaust port to pipe the co2 automatically.

Pump or heaters: thermal insulation to increase overheat temperature

Stove or egg incubator: conveyor rail intake to pull supplies off the rail when needed

In short these advanced features could be enabled on the device after a lot of research and with rare materials.

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