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Sever Problem!

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St19    0

Slave world can not connect to the master since Today's update

I can't find my sever on sever list (I have already update dedicate sever) 


My sever start without any mods

Here are the setting:

game_mode = endless
max_players = 16
pvp = false
pause_when_empty = true
enable_vote_kick = false

cluster_description = 
cluster_name = 原版生存
cluster_intention = cooperative
cluster_password = 

console_enabled = true

shard_enabled = true
bind_ip =
master_ip =
master_port = 10889
cluster_key = supersecretkey


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Daniel86268    303

The dedicated servers seem to have general issues according to the bug tracker, where this has been posted a few times. Let's wait for the next update.

If you want to look through the bugtracker yourself, you can check it out here.

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