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Craft-able printing pod

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For those who want to find good dupes or just stack up on dupes in general, maybe we could get the ability to create a printing pod in. Make it a Mk I printing pod whereas the one we start with is uncraftable and Mk II. Mk I would consume power and produce fewer dupes less often as well.

We could start new colonies in different biomes to protect their ecosystem, such as keeping the cold biome cold with an insulated place for dupes to stay.
We could have a tube system to transport goods from colony to colony as well as have a colony just for power generation somewhere off where we don't care about heat. So many possibilities!

I am aware we could do those things now but IMO it would still be an amazing addition and not hard to do given you already have a printing pod implemented.


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I was thinking of bing able to build some of the unbuildable structures like the printing pod or the AETN but it would require high tech and a special material that could be found only in the magma biome. Sort of like tulecite worked in Don`t Starve. Of course the magma biome would have to be altered a bit for that.

Some ideas here:


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