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Don't Starve Together "Server is not responding" No one can Join my servers Either

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Hello, I've been trying different fixes to my problem and none seem to work, I've also contacted Klei support and received no reply.

Whevener I try to join a public game or a game made by my friends I get the message  "Server is not responding" and if anyone tries to join a game I made they never get to join my game.

I've tried re-Installing the game.
Deleting every single file related to the game in my pc.
Deleting every mod.
Verifying the files.

Port Forwarding  10997-10998-10999.

Disabling Firewall.

Disabling Antivirus.
White listing DST.
Openning DST as admin.

I can't play the game at all only on single player and that's not what DST is about.

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