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  1. I can connect normally to any other game in steam or any other game outside steam and every website online as well, not sure how it is windwos 10 update, I've tried some of the fixes listed in the website but it didn't fix it. I will double check this right now. I have double checked it now and yes, it is all set up properly or at least I believe so. I have finally fixed the problem by using the last resort on the website: Using this: Use network reset to reinstall network devices. Thank you for you help.
  2. What does that mean? like what could I possibly do to fix this problem?
  3. What could possibly be blocking it? I disabled my antivirus and the firewall but still it's not working, I've also white listed don't starve together, how can I fix it? EDIT: I'll ask a friend to join and post the log, try to give me possible solutions for now :/
  4. Sorry for the delay on the response I was just moving to a new place. I do not have such files, probably as I deleted the game completly and re-installed it, I have made a new game for myself to test if friends could join but they were unable. These are the files I have:
  5. Hello, I've been trying different fixes to my problem and none seem to work, I've also contacted Klei support and received no reply. Whevener I try to join a public game or a game made by my friends I get the message "Server is not responding" and if anyone tries to join a game I made they never get to join my game. I've tried re-Installing the game. Deleting every single file related to the game in my pc. Deleting every mod. Verifying the files. Port Forwarding 10997-10998-10999. Disabling Firewall. Disabling Antivirus. White listing DST. Openning DST as admin. I can't play the game at all only on single player and that's not what DST is about. /// Double posted since I'm not sure where to post this.