Some Ideas I had for shipwrecked

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Heyo peeps!

So while playing the game, I've thought of a few ideas to make things a bit more... interesting...

First things first, and this is a long shot, but its an idea I got from a book I really like. Basically, there would be an island, pretty smallish. On the island, it would be some sort of paradise. There would be unlimited food, in the form of candy and sugar related things. After a while of being there eating, you would get slowly but surely slower and slower, until you could hardly move. At that point, the island would turn out to be some giant mouth, and it would just gobble you up. once again, kinda a long shot

Another thing I think would be pretty gosh darn cool is if there were sirens, like the things from Greek lore stuff. They might show some sort of rare item or something like that, and when you took it, it would attack or something.


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