Third research tier.

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It's kinda sad that on day 3 we can have an alchemy engine and start unlocking everything, so was thinking, what about a advanced research machine? An ultimate word on technology and magic.

It would be something to use later on the game, since red gems are just dropped by flame hounds. That way we could have more stuff to mess around above 50ish days of surviving, instead of just collect manure and plant crops.

The sandbox is really limited right now. I know that there is some updates to come yet, and winter will add a lot to it (at least I hope so), but since there is a suggestion area, why not?

Some Itens that could come with the third research tier:



-none (unless someone have an idea)


-none (unless someone have an idea)


-Fishing Net: 6 Silk, 3 rope, 3 Twigs

Works like a trap, but for fish, and doesn't need do be baited. 10 uses.

-Trump: 1 Beefalo Horn, 2 Rope, 2 Gold

Scares enemies nearby. Does not work on bosses (Spider queen and treeguard). 10 uses.


-none (unless someone have an idea)


-Steam Powered Motor: 6 Coal, 6 Cut Stone, 4 Red Gem

Unlocks tier 3 items.


-Bow and Arrow: 8 twigs, 6 stings, 4 silk

Long ranged, same damage as one tentacle spike. 10 uses

-Whip: 2 Ropes, 4 Silk, 3 Flint

Mid ranged, same damage as spear. 100 uses (1%/atk)


-Cage: 4 Boards, 8 Twigs, 2 Rope.

Have your own Rabbit. Give him a carrot and he shall give you 1 manure and 1 seed.

-Spikes: 4 Wood, 1 Tentacle spike, 2 Rope.

Improve your walls with some defense. Enemies that hit your spiked walls will receive damage similar to a tooth trap.

Shares durability with the wall. The wall cannot be repaired.


-none (unless someone have an idea)


-Totem: 5 Nightmare Fuel, 6 Logs, 2 Red Gem.

Enemies will hit the totem instead of hitting the player. Doesn't work with insanity monsters. Have the same "HP" as a complete wood wall. Can't be repaired.

-Nightmare helmet: 5 Nightmare fuel, 1 Football helmet.

Similar to Night Armor with less durability.


-none (unless someone have an idea)

Important: I know that game developping is not easy, and that's a lot of stuff. I love the game, but after a while there's nothing to do. Like I said before, I know it's still beta, there is more stuff to come, and more tuning and what not. I'm just saying that would be cool to have some late game resarching and learning. It doesn't even need to be the itens above, just some stuff for play with after some time within the same map. ^^

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