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Sweeper Improvements (performance and QoL benefits)

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Considering the game lags a ton as is already with all the calculations going on late game.   These are things that you guys can do to help reduce the lag improve performance as well as quality of life.

1.  Have the option "Drop to Floor" option controls.  How this works is like having a "Sweep Only" check off box- with a list of items you decide are considered "Drop to Floor" (like sweep only what items you want to store).   The Sweeper will take any item (that are in the check off boxes)  within range and drop things in its middle column. It will ignore obviously any item in the middle column so this prevents it from picking items up that it already dropped or picking up items in mid-air.

Currently, we have complicated Automation setups using Not Gates, Filter, and Buffer set up to trick the sweeper arm enabling and disabling just to drop things to the floor.   And its constantly looping and beeping and going on and off.   Having this drop to floor option added to the sweeper, reduces the need for these other automation setup.

While we're on the topic of Sweeper/Delivery system.  My second suggestion/feed back is a drop off vent.   a lot of warehouses and even airports have rails where the item at the end just gets drop out of a shoot and doesn't have an arm sweeper at the end.  there is no storing the stuff in a receptacle.  Like liquid vents and gas vents, where you just let the content spit out into the room on the floor.    So you can choose to have a "Receiver storage" or you can just have a dump the content on the floor "Unload Vent? Drop off Shoot? (whatever you want to call it)"- as the output of rail lines.

This can solve some backed up rail issues reduce need for having Sweepers as well.

Anyways, that's my feedback suggestion for QoL improvements.     

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