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Meteorite masses: Regolith and where to find it

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I got curious to figure out where all the regolith came from.  So i designed a test in sandbox to see how much mass comes from each meteor.


For the first test, I checked the small comets.


No debris was left behind, but these can do a little damage, about 2 hp worth to a dupe.


Next I tested an Iron comet.


Originally its mass is 9.6Kg, upon impact it splits into three fragments of 9.6, 9.6, and 19.2 or 4 times the original mass.  These meteorites are also extremely destructive and can do about 15 hp damage to a dupe.


The last one i tested is the massive comet20180910200032_1.thumb.jpg.5625a44e04226837f9c8dfce5ad2a645.jpg20180910200042_1.thumb.jpg.1c9a027db35155e656c8822a8a982861.jpg

The original mass this time is 9.5t.  Afterward it left behind five piles of 2361.2Kg of regolith for 11,806Kg.  That's more mass than it had to begin with!  These meteorites did no damage to dupes or tiles.  Dupes would teleport to standing on top of the resulting regolith, while dead dupes wound up buried.


From my tests it seems clear that meteors are leaving behind more mass than is brought in.  I only recorded the numbers for one meteor spawned in sandbox mode, so i can't claim to know how much extra is created each time.  Each meteor has a random mass upon entry and may leave behind different amounts on impact.

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